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Best Crypto Discords 2022

Our Top Crypto Discords

Want to join a bunch of like-minded people on your crypto journey? Today we will go over the top crypto Discords you should join. This isn’t an endorsement of anything, though some offer paid products. 

Some of these crypto discords are sorted by their activity and their size. You do not want to be part of a crypto Discord with 40,000 members and a dead general chat, so this list is sorted by activity and size. Some servers might be more considerable but have less activity, so finding a good mix between the two is essential. 

  • BravoBot

We’re cheating here a little, but we have a Discord for crypto-minded people to talk. There are many plans for the community, not just using it as a place to talk about just the bot. We’re looking for various collaborations with amazing projects. If you’re interested in collaboration, reach out. Click here to join.

  • r/cryptocurrency

The official Discord for r/cryptocurrency is probably your best shot when it comes to finding the most active crypto Discord. This is the Discord specifically made by the mods of the r/cryptocurrency subreddit which currently has over 4.5 million members. This crypto Discord ranges from resources for beginners to technical analysis discussions and everything in between. So if you’re looking for a large number of crypto-focused people, this might be the proper cryptocurrency Discord for you. Click here to join.

  • r/wallstreetbets

Where to start with r/wallstreetbets… Their community is centered around investing in high-risk, high-reward opportunities. Let’s just say lots of YOLO trading goes on in that community. People range from hundreds of thousands in returns and six figure position liquidations. The Discord isn’t crypto-focused per-se; however, they have a crypto section in the Discord specific to crypto trading and NFT discussion, so you can meet people there who are crypto enthusiasts with a bit of a bit YOLO trait to them. Click here to join.

  • Cryptohub

Cryptohub is a great crypto Discord for those that want a smaller community with lots of channels. They have a great tight nit community where the owner is active. If you’re looking for a crypto Discord, check out Cryptohub. Click here to join.

  • Crypto Fuse

Crypto Fuse is a crypto Discord dedicated to traders. They have many resources to improve your trading, ranging from management of risk to psychology when trading, etc. They also offer some paid services. The chats are active, so you can get to know many like-minded people there. Click here to join.

  • Spacestation

Spacestation probably gets its name from the meme of sending coins price to space or the moon. This is a crypto Discord that does not sell anything. Their Discord is purely about crypto discussion, help resources, and chats. The community is active and significant, so you can meet many people who have the same interest. Click here to join.

  • Filthy Rich Futures

Filthy Rich Futures is a reasonably active crypto discord regarding crypto discussion. Their crypto Discord is centered around high-risk trading. They offer various tools, primarily signals, some free, some paid for trading. Click here to join.

  • Axion Crypto-Community

This crypto Discord community is centered once again around paid signals, once again you should do your own research and we’re not endorsing buying anything. However, they do have a very active community that is crypto related so you will find like minded people when it comes to crypto. Click here to join.

If we missed any please let us know through our various channels so we can add them here.

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