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holoride: Virtual Reality for Cars backed by Audi

holoride: Virtual Reality for Cars backed by Audi

holoride” is a project that is a blockchain-based project aiming to bring virtual reality to the car. They believe that the entertainment market for passengers in vehicles is untapped. So they’re developing the infrastructure to allow for virtual reality usage, development, and implementation for cars. 

There is currently not much info about how the project will carry it out, and it is a relatively new project. holoride have recently concluded their presale. On the same page, it listed that they will be planning the infrastructure of the whole project in Q1 2022, and they plan to launch the product in Q4 2022, which seems a real quick launch, so we can only see if they manage to pull it off.

Why Blockchain?

The justification behind using the blockchain is to make it as transparent as possible. The choice for blockchain primarily is meant for developers to receive a fair cut for the engagement with their product, at least that was their justification. So if developers provide a great product, they will be compensated fairly for the value they added to the network and the network’s users. This overall makes sense when you consider how transparent the blockchains can be. It will all depend on how well the implementation will be.

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Overall it is very nice to see the holoride team care about the creators on their blockchain. They explicitly mentioned using blockchain technology to ensure the creators are getting a fair share. Never had I ever encountered such concern for the creators. Hopefully, this concern will encourage the growth of the project and projects on it.

The project will use the RIDE token for the holoride token. RIDE will be the token distributed to those who help create value on the blockchain.

holoride will use the Elrond Network, which is meant for “building a new internet economy.” They boast about their network being: massively scalable, secure & efficient, developer-friendly. Also, their staking rewards are very generous with a 21.45% yearly return which is crazy good, so I can see people supporting the project just because of the staking rewards. They also support multiple coding languages, support for IDE’s and a good amount of documentation. Awe-inspiring project.

Overall they are a perfect match for the kind of scale that holoride will require to implement VR into cars. 


holoride seems like a project with lots of potentials, how can it not be when it’s being backed by one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world alongside multiple venture capital firms? I see it as a slippery slope to dystopia somewhat (slippery slope fallacy, I know). However, you can start to draw the lines. You see the push towards working from home, and you see the developments by Facebook and Meta, you see this project. They’re all creating the building blocks for the Matrix that you will join voluntarily and will not want to leave. Or maybe more of a WALL-E sort of scenario. 

It’s just an interesting time we live in, for sure. VR and all is still relatively primitive, at least it was the last time I had used it, and there has not been that much development since. It feels like a bit of a roadblock that needs to be overcome before it can be a regular part of our lives. Currently, VR has multiple issues, there is not that much content, and there are still technological limitations. For example, the headset is big and bulky and has fairly apparent pixelation. There is also a noticeable desync between your movement and the representation of your movement in the virtual space. It’s all these minor kinks that have to be ironed out. Hopefully, this project will lead to these advancements that need to happen.