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Binance Labs Launches Season 3 of Incubation Program

Binance Labs Launches Season 3 of Incubation Program

Binance Labs is starting season 3 incubation eight-week period for nine projects. These projects will be in all areas of crypto, ranging from exchanges to gaming projects. Binance Labs is Binance’s venture capital branch that supports projects they are optimistic about. The biggest project that came from the incubation program is Polygon (MATIC) which is currently sitting at #19 right below Binance USD (BUSD).

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What projects are part of Season 3?

 #1 Block Ape Scissors

Block Ape Scissors is a gaming ecosystem that runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). They are developing a system that will allow for play-to-earn systems within gaming, NFTs, DeFi, and possibly other areas of the crypto market. It is an exciting project, gaming is behind in the crypto market, and it would be interesting to see if projects like this will help advance the gaming market.

#2 Tranching Protocol

Tranching Protocol will improve the efficiency of providing liquidity. In our previous week’s TL;DR, we had an article where a study pointed out that many liquidity providers lose lots of money due to the impermanent loss. The Tranching Protocol aims to improve efficiency and decrease impermanent loss. They aim to launch their beta features in Q1 2022. This protocol is another great project that will improve the entire market of DeFi once implemented.

#3 GAT Network

GAT Network is a chain connecting and facilitating gaming and NFT trading on the Binance Smart Chain. They already have some projects launched, which you can already check out on their website.

#4 Wombat.Exchange

Wombat.Exchange will be a hyper-efficient multichain stable swap platform.

#5 Bird

Bird is building an oracle for machine learning. The oracle will be easy to implement into your platform to show you analytics from their machine learning algorithm. This tool will help in learning more about the users and help develop the future web 3.0.

#6 Mint Club

Mint Club is a platform that allows you to create your token on the BEP-20 network easily. You do not need to have any coding experience or provide liquidity to create your token. It is interesting to see how this will evolve as a project with Binance’s help.

#7 Raydius

Raydius is probably the most ambitious project that is getting support from Binance. Radius is aiming to create a bridge among all the blockchains that will be user-friendly and efficient. This token will be proof of stake. An exciting project that we will be sure to keep watching.

#8 Copycat Finance

Copycat Finance will be a decentralized DeFi platform with copy trading. It’s one of the first of its kind to allow for copy trading as a decentralized platform and is an exciting project for that reason.

#9 SkyArk Studio

SkyArk Studio is a blockchain-based gaming studio. There is not much info about them yet apart from them being Singapore-based. They will be launching a “series of NFT anime RPGs with Play-And-Earn features, and metaverse.

What project are we excited about most?

We are particularly excited about two particular projects that Binance will be supporting through their incubation program. The first one will be the Tranching Protocol. Optimizing the DeFi space and increasing how much money ends up in the pockets of the end-user is always a plus. Hopefully, they’re able to actualize their project with the help of Binance.

The second project we’re excited about is the Raydius chain. There are currently many obstacles that developers face when developing on the blockchain. Picking a blockchain is a significant factor in developing on the blockchain because that will essentially lock in your project to that ecosystem. Learning how the blockchains work is also essential because not all blockchains are the same. Raydius will partially, if not outright, solve both of those issues. They make development easy and connect many important blockchains so you will not miss out on the functionality of specific blockchains. 

Some of these projects already have a token on the BSC. If you wish to check out more info like their token price, check out Bogged Finance, they have done a fantastic job of bringing graphs to BSC coins. If you wish to know how to buy them, you can swap them directly on Bogged Finance, too, granted you use a wallet that works with their platform, or check out our guide where we show you how to do it through PancakeSwap.

Other info

DoraHacks/ HackerLink is the co-organizer of this incubation program. They are an open-source developer for tools that help in incentivizing open-source development. They help in holding hackathons, host bounties, grants, and funding for projects. So they’re a great partner for the incubation program.

Binance will also be providing mentorship to the projects in the incubation program. Alongside Binance, there will also be influences and investors from various venture capitals. The leaders from previous Incubation Projects will also be invited. 

If you’re interested in applying for the Binance Labs Incubation Program for season 4, you can apply here