Bitcoin Machine/ATM

How to Find Bitcoin Machine Near You (+5 Other Ways to Buy Crypto)

Finding Bitcoin Machine/ATM:

Are you a new or seasoned cryptocurrency user and need to get your hands on more crypto? Well, you’ve come to the right place. There are many ways to get your hands on cryptocurrency, one of the most popular methods of getting your hands on crypto is “Cryptocurrency ATMs” some may call them “Bitcoin Machines”. There are a few other methods that are drastically better when it comes to buying crypto but we will get into that later. Listed below will be some ATM-finding websites. Almost all ATMs have Bitcoin but you might have trouble finding altcoins at those machines.

Here are the top 5 websites where you can find Bitcoin Machines:

Paxful's Bitcoin machine/ATM map.

If you want to buy Bitcoin through an ATM this website is your best shot. From our research we found this to be the best one based on a few criteria. The website for Bitcoin Machines must have a large number of results when it comes to locations you can go to get your cryptos, hence this website is the first place, it has drastically more locations than its competitors. Another reason why this website is in the first place is that you do not have to give the website your location to find machines, this is important to those that are security conscious. This website also responds well to natural computer gestures when browsing.

Coin ATM Radar's Bitcoin machine/ATM map.

We consider this to be the second-best place to get crypto because you have lots of options, more than the third-place but less than the first. One great feature of this website over Paxful is that they list what coins the machines sell so you can purchase more than just Bitcoin.'s Bitcoin machine/ATM map.

The third best place to find Bitcoin Machines is from the official Bitcoin website itself. The reason this is in second place is that there are fewer crypto ATMs that show up when looking around the map. The good thing about this website though is that you also do not have to provide any location services when using their website, you can just close out the dialog and carry on.

Coin ATM Finder's Bitcoin machine/ATM map.

This website should be considered if you’re not able to use the two above. Out of the three ATM finders, this one happened to have the lowest number of locations you can visit to purchase Bitcoin. This website did not require location services to function though which is always great to see.

Coin Cloud's Bitcoin machine/ATM map.

Based on our criteria this is the worst place to get crypto. The selection of ATMs here is very limited and some countries are outright excluded from showing up with results. This website does respond decently well to US locations though. Consider using this website as a last resort because of how limited the results are.

Alternative Methods:

  • Purchasing from other people


LocalBitcoins is essentially eBay for Bitcoins, this skips on having to find a Bitcoin Machine/ ATM, it helps you find other people in your locale that you can buy Bitcoin from. The methods you can pay with vary from bank transfers all the way to cash in hand, so if you’re privacy-conscious you can bring cash in hand and avoid all of the KYC (know your customer). If you’re trying to avoid all forms of KYC this is probably one of the best methods because even the ATMs sometimes require an id card for you to complete your purchase and receive the funds.


This is essentially the same thing as LocalBitcoins but you’re able to select altcoins if you wish to buy other coins. There are not as many people willing to trade in person on this platform though and it has fewer results than LocalBitcoins.

  • Crypto Fiat Gateway Providers

Crypto to fiat gateway providers are essentially online ATMs provided by companies. All of it is automated and very simple to do. Just like the actual ATMs some are better than others and vary on what coins and payment methods they accept. Another cool thing you can do with these gateways is actually sell your crypto back to fiat pretty easily but this also varies with the provider, some do not accept crypto to fiat. If you would like to try this method out but don’t know where to start we can recommend MoonPay, we’ve had a great experience with using their platform.

  • Exchanges

Exchanges where you’re able to trade cryptos on the market allow for direct bank transfers and purchases with your bank card. Most exchanges if not all that have any reputation require thorough KYC so be aware of that. If you have no experience with any exchanges and wish you give one a go we recommend you try Binance.

  • DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges)

Decentralized exchanges are run on the blockchain so there isn’t anything holding you back from trading on them, there are no account creation requirements, no KYC, etc. All you require is a wallet with currency on it to trade on them. The reason this is listed here is that some exchanges like Bancor Network allow you to purchase currency through crypto-fiat gateway providers that we’ve talked about earlier. After acquiring your crypto from one of the providers you’re able to trade and receive the crypto you desire.'s fiat to crypto gateway services page

  • Trading Gift Cards for Crypto

This should be considered as a last resort when purchasing crypto because this method often screws you over with fees. Buying gift cards at a store near you then selling them online for crypto ends up resulting in a loss of about ~15%. So your dollar spend is roughly worth only 85 cents. If this is something you wish to try, follow this link to Paxful.